When you are planning to have a holiday and you do not wish to be disturbed by anyone and you happen to use Gmail as your official email, well, this entry is just for you. In this entry, we will show you on how to set up an automatic message informing the sender that the reply is going to take awhile by using the app’s settings menu called “Vacation responder”.




To enable the Gmail’s vacation responder, open the Gmail app on your Android smartphone or tablet and go to the settings menu. From there, tap on the email account you wish to enable the automatic replies for. The vacation responder will be listed there. After that, enter a short message which you want to convey to them. You also can include the phone number in case if you need to be reached urgently. It is also a good idea to set the date on which the responder to turn itself off. Once you got all this covered, flip “Off” switch to the “On” position and then hit “Done”.


The responder sends a reply to a given email address only once but if you are contacted by the same person after four days, they will receive another message and so on until the responder is turn off. Automatic replies are not sent to email addresses recognized as spam or as mailing lists you  are subscribed to.