Have you bought your first Android device? If yes, then it’s time to see one out of the many cool features of Android.

Widgets: It’s a small application, live over data connection and can run on Phone’s Home Screen. It’s a major differentiator makes Android stands unique out of other phones such as iPhone or Windows Phone. Right choice of Android widgets could help improve the whole mobile experience by adding beauty to your home screen and save time to a greater extent by speeding up things.

Widgets can be downloaded and installed quickly from app store just the way you download regular mobile applications. Let’s see how to add widgets to Android phone’s home screen.

Android Phone - Home Screen

Android Phone – Home Screen

Step 1
Press and hold a blank space on your mobile phone’s home screen (this step is same in most of the Android phones). A small menu would pop out.

Android Phone - Widget Pop-Out Menu

Android Phone – Widget Pop-Out Menu

Step 2
Select “Widgets” or “Apps and Widgets” from the pop out menu. You would now be taken to Widget selection window or app launcher. Look for “Widgets” tab on top of the screen and select it. Swipe and browse through the list of installed widgets.

Android - App & Widget List

Android – App & Widget List

Step 3
After locating the widget you want to add to the home screen of your phone, touch and hold on to the widget with your finger. Like a magic, the widget would just pop out of the app & widget browsing list and sticks and slides under your finger while your finger still down on screen. Now drag and place the widget to on the home screen and drop it by taking your finger off screen. Bingo! Now you got your widget running on your Android phone’s home screen.

Android - Place Widget on Home Screen

Android – Place Widget on Home Screen

Step 4
You might see resizable markers around the widget if it comes with a resizing option. You can slide markers inward or outward and resize to fit your need. Tap anywhere outside widget to lock it on screen.

Android - Resizable Widgets

Android – Resizable Widgets

Step 5
In case of some configurable widgets you would be prompted to complete a simple initial configuration which you can do it no time and that’s it. You are good to go!

Android Phone Home Screen - With Added Widget

Android Phone Home Screen – With Added Widget