Although Apple Watch itself is yet to be released in the market, its accessories have already started to make an appearance. Standzout, a mobile computing accessories manufacturer, has announced that it will be showing off its Bandstand Apple Watch Dock at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2015 in Vegas. The company dubs it as the “first great Apple Watch accessory:”

The Bandstand features an integrated charging plate that uses Apple’s induction charger. Power to it comes through a wire from the base of the dock. It also has a couple of additional USB ports where two other devices such as an iPhone or iPad could be charged. The Apple Watch can be docked at the charging plate which has a pivot to adjust the Watch angle so that it is visible from any position.

Bandstand Apple Watch Dock -2

According to the company:

The Bandstand is designed from the ground up to make the experience of using the Apple Watch easier, more natural, and more beautiful. For users, it will serve as the nightly home for their new favorite tech gadget.”

Since Apple Watch is supposed to have less than a day of battery life, it will have to be charged every night, hence the “nightly home” bit.

The eagerly awaited Apple Watch is rumored to release in the market on Valentine’s Day and is expected to be a hit. Some even believe that the first year sales of Apple Watch will be around 30 million. As a result, its accessories will also be in great demand. If you are interested in the Apple Watch Dock, you can check out Standzout’s booth at the CES.

Source Technology Tell