The popular Media Player-Video LAN Client aka the VLC has been existing on the Android Platform since long. However, this is the beta version for the app which means it an experimenting platform for all to have in different features and functionality.

However, on seeing the app gain much popularity, the parent company Videolabs has decided to come with a official fully featured app of VLC. This week, the company placed a new version of the app on the Play Store in the name if VLC for Android and is said to be a stable version of the player which is accordance to the Google’s Material Design. However, the interesting part is that the company has not taken down the beta version of the app and is said to be continued to exist for the purpose of testing features and experimenting.

The stable release of the VLC for Android app comes with a version number of 0.9.10 while the beta version has number 1.0.1. this means if both continue to exist simultaneously, and new changes brought to the beta version could be seen on the stable version too. Below are the download links for both the versions. Check out some of the screenshots taken with the app.

VLC-for-Android-not-the-beta (1) VLC-for-Android-not-the-beta (2) VLC-for-Android-not-the-beta (3) VLC-for-Android-not-the-beta


via: Android Police