Smartphones that have rotating or flippable cameras are getting highly popular among people especially in the continent of Asia. However, all such smartphones are Android based, and none of them is based on Windows Phone. Keeping this in mind, a phone designer has developed a concept smartphone. The name of this concept smartphone is “Spinner”. It is a Windows Phone that has a rotating camera.

Camera and body
In the Spinner concept smartphone, the revolving camera is located on the upper right corner. This gives it a unique look because in other smartphones, the rotating camera is not situated there. In addition to this, the hypothetical device is made out of plastic and aluminum which contributes to its amazing design.

This smartphone is just 7mm in thickness; it has a display of 4.7 inches no specific resolution. Its specifications make it very much comparable with the iPhone 6 as shown in the image.


It can be assumed that the idea of Spinner will never be materialized just like most of the concept phones. However, it is possible that one day people might see a handset that looks very much like it. Till then it will remain a question for people.