The South Korean Ministry of Science and the European Commission has signed an agreement in order to “deepen discussions in the area of Net Futures”. Reports show that both of them have decided to work for the next generation mobile Internet 5G looking forward into network communications and cloud computing. An estimated investment worth €700 million is expected to arrive from EU in next seven years and it is said that EU is prepared to invest up to 5 times as much for 5GPPP. South Korea and EU is expected to sign a MoU later this year.

5G services

The 5G services will bring much more additional changes in internet computing apart from just giving consumers the benefits of faster internet speeds. Along with the 5G connection, a promise arrives of downloading “1 hour HD movie” in just 6 seconds that matches the fiber optic connection in your house. The 5G services will enable easy and faster connectivity between vehicles, buildings and infrastructure to interact and communicate even in smaller cities of South Korea like Songdo.

For example on being stuck behind some heavy vehicles like truck in poor weather conditions, the 5G enabled camera can give you information about the traffic situation ahead by streaming a video. A network of few connected homes can really be helpful in case you remotely need to check the smoke detector with thermostat and immediately call the fire brigade if anything goes wrong. Grab further details of what 5G can do for you. The 5G market could roll-out somewhere in between 2020-2030.