As Sony’s two smartphones Xperia Z3 and Xperia Z3 Compact are  slowly being launched across the world, the company has unleashed a TV and digital campaign under which it has released two new commercials. The commercials have been posted by the company on its YouTube channel and have the tagline, “Don’t settle for good. Demand great.”

The ads are visually stunning showing snowboarders gliding on the slopes wearing illuminated clothes. The song used in the commercials is “Nightcall” by the British group London Grammar. The first ad is called the “Gliding Lights” that shows us how the Sony Xperia Z3 smartphones can take, “Incredible photos even in low light.”

The second as is called “The Journey” in which the waterproof feature of the Xperia Z3 is highlighted when the user dunks the phone in water to take the photo of a colorful fish. The ad also shows that the phone takes superior photos even in low light, has PlayStation4 Remote Play and up to two days battery life.

According to Louise Forbes, Sony’s director of product marketing, the ad campaign will showcase short films that “feature inspirational stories of real life people using their Xperia Z3 to achieve greatness.”

The Xperia Z3 family smartphones are already available in a few select markets but the company is still to launch them in the US. Sony is holding a “Demand Great” media event in New York City, US on October 9.

Meanwhile, take a look at the two commercials: