Sony Xperia Z4 Rumored To Launch With Both QHD and FHD
Another source provided evidence that there’s a new Sony mobile which stayed hidden from sight in the CES 2015. It has been rumored that Sony’s Quad-HD 1440p display phone Xperia Z4 would be hitting market. According to a Taiwanese source, Sony would put forward its fourth-generation flagship mobile in two categories; one with a display of 1080p and other with 1440p display.

According to the reports, the Quad-HD version of the mobile would be available in the market of US, but some markets would receive only the 1080p version. Still it is not known that which Operating System would be used by the mobile.

The source also stated that the waterproof feature of the mobile has improved and the plastic flaps have been removed from the open ports of Xperia Z4. The flaps were less likable by the customers as they yell about their presence repeatedly and didn’t suit very well with the symmetrical OmniBalance design of Sony.

Some advancement has been made to the front camera and a glossy finish has been given to the metallic frame of the mobile; hopes are up that the new color doesn’t make the looks ugly. Just like Xperia series, the Xperia Z4 would be also be available in different colors and would also include blue as a color.

It is quite clear that Sony would be launching its new Xperia Z4 soon in the market. We all have to wait and watch to see what this new phone from Sony holds.