There is no more news about Sony Xperia Z2 but we have forgotten about the company new policy. Sony Xperia Z2’s new flagship will be to the West regions to spread out the market. This is not new to have new flagship because company has planned to release new flagship for Smartphones in every 6 months.

Sony is now looking for the new upcoming Xperia Z3 that is going to be released on September at IFA. Xperia Z1 was also announced officially at the same venue. Therefore, we have short information about Sony’s next flagship of Xperia Z3 with confirmation. Sony is concerned about the new upcoming Smartphone that is optimistic to get good market.

Xperia Z3 release has just few days left and a fan in China has leaked some unofficial pictures of the Smartphone. Xperia Z3 may come in rainbow of colors according to the leaked pictures of the Smartphone. However, Sony has not confirmed and reported anything about the leaked pictures as well as different colors of the device. However, Sony normally has black, white and purple color in it device. Therefore, rainbow in colors for Xperia Z3 may not a real deal for the fan. However, wait for a month and official announcement will show the right deal and colors availability by Sony. The leaked pictures of Xperia Z3


xperia x3

xperia x3 2


xperia x3 3