No more cumbersome entangling wire for your Xperia Z2. Japanese giant Sony has come out with two wireless accessories for charging it. The Sony Xperia Z2 can now be charged easily, wirelessly. Both of them use Sony’s latest Qi technology which basically uses electromagnetic induction to transfer power from the transmission pad to the receiver.

The two wireless charging accessories are:

  • Wireless Charging Cover WCR12 and
  • Wireless Charging Plate WCH10

Wireless Charging Cover WCR12

It is a protective cover that serves a three-in-one purpose. It protects your Xperia Z2 from damage caused by other objects around it, say in your pocket or purse. Secondly, the case acts as a stand that can be kept on a table. Your phone can be set on it at a comfortable angle landscape-style while watching movies or videos or during net browsing. Then, the cover is also Qi compatible so that it allows you to charge the Xperia Z2. Just fit your phone into the case and keep it on the charging plate or on any other Qi compatible charger for that matter. Your device will get charged. No need to connect the wire and all.

wireless charging accessories -1

Wireless Charging Plate WCH10

The Plate also uses Qi technology to charge the phone. It generates 5W power which re-charges your Xperia Z2 battery or other Qi compatible devices. Charging can be done by just placing the Qi compatible device on the Charging Plate. With no wires connecting to your smartphone, the charging can be done wherever you are, at home, office or anywhere else. It saves you the hassle of connecting the wire to the phone and finding a port to plug it in.

wireless charging accessories -2

wireless charging accessories -3

The Sony mobile website mentions both the wireless charging accessories but does not mention the date of availability or the price. However, retailer will be offering them for purchase from June onward.