Sony has put up its Xperia E1 smartphone for sale across Europe directly through its Sony Mobile Store. The 4-inch Android music phone is available for £159.00 in UK, while in other European countries the price varies from €119 in Italy, €139 in Germany & France and €199 in Spain.


Sony Xperia E1 is available as an unlocked SIM free version which makes it a good buy. Although Sony is offering the mobile for £159.00 in UK, you can buy it from Amazon UK and Handtec for €119. So it is better to check and compare various price options before going for the final buy.

Xperia E1 offers a great sound with Walkman music experience via its xLoud loudness enhancement engine, clear stereo, clear bass and the loudest 100dB speaker. The device provides crystal clear and loud sound. Other features include Shake control, superfast processor and a long-life battery.

This device falls in the affordable price segment and is especially suitable for those buyers who want to purchase a good smartphone that provides a great music experience at a reasonable price.

You can buy the Sony Xperia E1 from Sony Mobile Store here.