It’s confirmed. Sony’s new “selfie” smartphone is launching today, 8 July. Sony has announced on Twitter “See your #selfies in a whole new light “and posted a picture below it showing a group of people taking a selfie, the photo having hashtags – #GetTheFullPicture #Tomorrow  8th July 2014.

Sony Xperia C3 - Twitter

Selfie is trending so why should Sony lag behind? The new selfie phone has a powerful front camera to take pictures with great clarity. The source says that Sony’s new selfie smartphone will be called the Xperia C3 (code name Gina), a successor of Xperia C. Xperia C3 is touted to have an LED flash near the front camera and be powered by a 2500 mAh battery. However, the resolution of the shooter is not yet known.

The device will sport a 5-inch display although its resolution is not known. The internal details of the new Xperia C3 are also unavailable. According to the source, the Xperia C3 will be offered in several colors including black and turquoise. The pic below shows the phone in turquoise color.

Sony Xperia-C3-Turquoise

The below pictures from Digi-Wo taken by us from Gizmobolt, show the front view of the device and the back view with cover removed.

Sony Xperia-C3-front

Sony Xperia-C3-back

A video of the Sony Xperia C3 has also been leaked (posted by Gizmobolt) in which we can see the front camera and the LED flash in action. The man taking the selfie taps the phone twice on the back to take the snap. The phone has a photo editing app by which he makes changes to the pic including changes in the color of his eyes. There is also a voice guide app that guides you for taking the selfie with voice instructions. You can see the video for yourself:

More details will come out as soon as the Sony Xperia C3 is released today. We will update you regarding the same.