Earlier this month we had heard rumors that Sony would be unveiling its next flagship, the Xperia Z5 in September. Fresh rumors out of Germany now suggest that the Japanese electronics giant is planning to introduce two new high-end Android handsets around the time too.

The German website winfuture.de reports that the two new Android smartphones are Xperia S60 and Xperia S70 which Sony will be releasing before the IFA conference in Berlin. According to the report, the dealers say that these two devices will be available across Europe as early as mid-August, and one even named August 18 as the date of delivery.

The Xperia S60 and Xperia S70 will mark the beginning of a new series of smartphones from Sony, the ‘S’ series.  Very few details of the handsets are available as of now except that they will have 32 Gigabytes of internal memory. They will be available in four color options each. The Xperia S60 will come in black, white, yellow and coralie flavors while the Xperia S70 will be available in black, white, gold and green variants.

As for their price, both the Xperia S60 and Xperia S70 are said to be absolutely high-end with the Xperia S60 costing somewhere between €650 and €700 ($715 and $770) and the Xperia S70 ranging between €780 and €840 ($855 and $925). However, there is no official confirmation about these devices so better to take it with a pinch of salt.

Sony-to-launch-Xperia S60-S70-soon