The wearable market is blooming with more and more new smartwatches being introduced. Sony has been one of the first companies to enter the smartwatch arena. The company launched its SmartWatch 2 almost an year ago in September 2013. Since then things have been quiet with Sony on the smartwatch front. Now we have a rumor that Sony is working on its next gen smartwatch ‘the SmartWatch 3’ which it might unveil at the IFA 2014 to be held in September.

The source is none other than Digi-Wo who has a great track record for leaking correct information about Sony devices. According to Digi-Wo, the Japanese giant will not be using Google’s Android Wear for its SmartWatch 3 like it did for SmartWatch 2. Sony will be using its own indigenously developed platform to run it.

Sony SmartWatch 1

The hardware specifications of Sony’s next gen smartwatch are not mentioned in the leak but its user interface is said to be quite different from that of its predecessor. However, its basic design will be similar, having a square shape and sporting a transflective screen just like the SW2 except that it will have a higher resolution. A transflective screen gives good visibility even in direct sunlight. The need for backlight is also reduced, thus saving on battery.

SmartWatch 3 will have a Wi-Fi module inside it so that it can work independently and will not need to be paired with a smartphone. The device is also expected to have wireless charging facility and to be dust and water resistant as well.

Well, that’s all that is available at present regarding Sony’s upcoming SmartWatch 3. There are still a few days to go for the IFA and we are sure to hear some more about the device till then, so stay tuned. All we can say is that the SmartWatch 3 will be facing tough competition from the existing Samsung Gear Live and LG G Watch, as also from Motorola’s much awaited Moto 360.

Sony SmartWatch 2