Sony has developed new concept Android software for its Xperia devices and the company wants its users to try out this new software. According to Sony, the new Android software version offers a “fresh take on the Sony user experience” and invites users to “Contribute to shape the future of Sony’s software Input into making our processes, products and services better”.

Sony-Xperia Z3-beta-testing

Sony seems to have totally revamped its Xperia UI and wants users to test and evaluate the new concept Android software build for Xperia Z3. The company is inviting Sony Xperia Z3 users in Sweden to join a select group to use this new software and give feedback. This will help the company to get a “better understanding of how the software can be improved”.

Sony Mobile Sweden has done similar trials before for testing new Android updates on their flagship smartphones, like they did the beta testing for Android Lollipop for Xperia Z3 last year. But this time it is the trial of a whole new concept Android version, so maybe Sony is preparing to bring out a totally fresh Xperia UI for its new flagship, say Xperia Z5.

The beta testing activity will begin on July 27 and last up till September 13 and is open for Xperia Z3 owners (not the compact Xperia Z3 model) living in Sweden. They can restore their current Xperia software once the trial period is over. So if you fit the above criteria and want to be a part of it, head over to this link to sign up.