NDP Group, an industry analyst, has released its monthly sales report for September recently. The top sales go to “Destiny” as the top game while “PlayStation 4” topped the hardware sales. According to the report, the console sales were up 200 percent for September 2014 versus the same time last year.  Basically the sales were up 136% for September on yearly basis.

The lowest year-on-year month sales for hardware comparing this year and last year is for the month of January with the figure of just 17%. This is because January 2013 was a five weeks reporting period while January 2014 is a four weeks reporting period. Moreover, January comes after December which is a holiday period and normally there are a lot of sales during this period and thus people’s spending power is higher in December month.

Another reason for the high sales figure for “Sony Playstation 4” is that the bundling strategy of selling “Destiny” game and “PlayStation 4” in one package. Sony says that “Destiny” is the most-played PS4 game with total gameplay hours five times higher than the next-most-played games. Sony claims that the “social sharing” is reaching to 450,000 hours of life gameplay. However, from this figure, we do not understand what it actually means or how is the calculation came about. However, it does sound impressive.

Therefore, Sony PlayStation 4 is outselling Xbox One Sales in the month of September, nearly tripling the August Sales.