Sony Japan has announced two new wireless portable speakers SRS-X1 and SRS-X2. Both speakers have Bluetooth version 3.0 and are NFC enabled. They offer one-touch listening function when kept near compatible smartphones. SRS-X1 is waterproof, while SRS-X2 has a high power digital amplifier producing high quality sound.

Sony SRS-X1

The Sony SRS-X1 portable speaker is palm-sized and spherical in shape, convenient to carry around.  It is waterproof with IPx7 rating and can be used for listening in the kitchen, bath or swimming pool. The SRS-X1 will be available in 4 colors: White, Pink, Black and Violet. It has an output of 5 watts and a battery life of about 12 hours. The dimensions of Sony SRS-X1 are 78mm × 80.5mm × 78mm and it weighs around 185 grams. It comes with a micro USB cable and a carrying pouch.


Sony SRS-X2

The Sony SRS-X2 portable speaker has a slightly larger size of 171mm × 60.5mm × 56.5mm and it weighs about 500 grams. It has a maximum output of 20W (10W + 10W) and a battery life of around 5 hours. It has ClearAudio + for high-quality, clear and realistic sound. However, it is not waterproof like the SRS-X1 model. This speaker is available in 2 colors: Black and white.  It comes with a micro USB integrated AC adapter and a carrying pouch.


Both the speakers SRS-X1 and SRS-X2 will be released on June 21 this year. The SRS-X1 is priced at 8500 Yen plus tax which comes to around $85, while the SRS-X2 will cost 9500 Yen plus tax i.e. around $95.