Sony had unveiled its Xperia Z3 series devices namely the Xperia Z3, the Xperia Z3 Compact and the Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact at the recently concluded IFA 2014. Sony says that it had not revealed “everything” about the devices during the launch and is now sharing their additional features with us in an article published in its blog.

The title of the article says “3+3+3 things you didn’t know the Xperia Z3 Series could do…” and tells us about 9 features of the Xperia Z3 devices that most of us might not be aware of.

Sony Xperia Z3 Series

  1. NFC for Contactless Payments: Sony has the NFC technology in its smartphones since 2012 right from Xperia S onward for making payment “with a simple touch”. Sony proudly says “We were NFC before it was cool” (probably as a taunt to Apple).
  2. Select the Sony headphone you are using in the Xperia Z3 device to optimize the sound quality: To choose the Sony headphone that you are using, click the Settings > Sound > Audio Settings > Headphones and get the “best possible quality” of sound.
  3. Pause while recording a video: The Xperia Z3 Series devices have a new pause button that enables you to pause the recording when you want to and then un-pause when you want to record the next clip. All the clips will be recorded back-to-back in the same file. You won’t have to hit stop and record every time and end up getting several clips of one event.
  4. Record your on-screen activity: In the Xperia Z3 Series, there is a feature that allows you to record your on-screen activity. Long-press the power button and select “Record Sreen”. Your handset will begin to record what you do on your screen.
  5. Personalized settings for quick access: You can drag and drop the settings you want into the tray at the bottom and then long-press each one to load it into the settings app. This will make the settings easy and quicker to use.
  6. Ultra Stamina Mode available: We know that Sony’s STAMINA mode makes the battery last longer by turning off some of the functions during standby. The Xperia X3 has an “Ultra STAMINA Mode” which gives even more usage although limiting several phone functions and allowing only the basic ones. According to Sony, the Xperia Z3 lasts for over a week in the Ultra STAMINA Mode on a full charge.
  7. Smart screen rotation: This feature automatically detects how the device is being held and rotates the screen accordingly. This prevents unwanted screen rotations for example when one is using the phone while lying on a sofa or bed.
  8. Use of gestures: Wake up the phone with double tap. To silence the ring of an incoming call, turnover your Xperia Z3 or Z3 Compact phone face down or take it to your ear to answer the call. The screen stays lit when you are holding it in your hand due to the smart backlight control so that when you are reading something or looking at a photo on the screen, it will stay lit. But when you keep down the phone, the display will turn off according to your sleep setting.
  9. Unlock with Sony Smartwear or Sony Bluetooth accessory: You can set up your Sony Smartwear such as SmartWatch, SmartBand, or Bluetooth accessories and headphones to unlock the Xperia Z3 Series devices. Click the Settings > Security > Screen lock > Bluetooth unlock , then select the device and click ‘continue and press the power key. The device will be unlocked when the accessory is close by.

Take a look at the promo video below: