After Sony’s recent financial results have shown poor performance, especially in the mobile division, the Japanese electronics giant has devised a new three-year plan to boost sales and grow profits. Probably as a part of that plan, Sony is taking the help of Makuake, a Japanese crowdfunding site, to raise funds for developing developing Qrio Smart Lock for smartphones.

Sony has joined hands with World Innovation Lab, a venture capital fund based in the US, to form Qrio Co., Ltd. that will create the Qrio Smart Lock. Qrio will enable you to open the doors of your home with a smartphone. There is a compatible app through which you can share the access to your home with someone else.

Qrio Smart Lock -1 Qrio Smart Lock -2

Qrio Smart Lock is the world’s smallest such lock that fits over your existing door lock without requiring any special tools. You only need to stick a plate to your door for batteries. The lock is made of Aluminum and needs four CR123A batteries that will keep it working for 1000 days. With the help of Bluetooth, your smartphone becomes the “key” that can unlock your door. You an even share the key with others such as a family member, a friend or even the repairman.

Qrio Smart Lock -3 Qrio Smart Lock -4 Qrio Smart Lock -5

The crowdfunding has been quite successful because they have been able to raise 510% of the amount with 81 days still to go. Shipments for the Qrio Smart Lock are scheduled to begin from May 2015. Retail price is expected to be around 15,000 Yen (about $130). You can book it now for 20% off on the original price.

You can have a look at the video below. Although it is in Japanese, you can easily understand it from the pictures:

Source Makuake

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