Sony has announced the launch of its first wireless portable charger called the CP-W5. It is a USB portable charger that can charge Qi-compatible devices wirelessly, using an electro-magnetic field. This is especially suitable to consumers who are always on the move.


CP-W5 charger can also charge devices with a Micro USB cable at the output of 1.5A. The output for wireless charging is 1.0A. Both wireless and USB cable charging cannot be done simultaneously. When the CP-W5 is connected to an AC power supply, it acts as a charging plate and when your Qi-enabled smartphone is placed on top of the CP-W5, both of them get charged simultaneously.

CP-W5 is available in white color. It has the Sony Li-ion polymer 5.000mAh rechargeable battery that can be recharged 1000 times. Even then, the CP-W5 wireless charger retains 90% of its capacity due to its Hybrid-gel technology.

The size of Sony’s CP-W5 portable wireless charger is 66.0 x 130.0 x 16.5 mm and it weighs around 188g. According to Sony, the charger will be available from ‘April onwards’ in Singapore. Its launch in other countries and price are not yet announced.