Sony has finally unwrapped the Sony Xperia C3. With the 5 mega-pixel front-facing camera, the smartphone is given the tag of a “selfie”-centric handset. While the handset being new, another “selfie” variant from Sony might be on the way of release. An odd looking device with the Sony tag has been the viral subject of some leaked snapshots.

The device is named as the Sony DSC-KW1. It has a literal selfie snapper looking like a Xperia phone alongwith the cap of an expensive perfume bottle attached to its top part, and a back that is styled like a bottle itself. The Sony device appears to have no buttons, and having extremely thin bezels, that isn’t the part of the smartphone that seems so strange.

The Sony DSC-KW1 features a 3.3-inch OLED display, while its top part houses a 19.2 MP with Sony’s latest Exmor RS sensor technology. The 21 mm f2.0 camera lens has ability to rotate 180 degrees, capturing the beauty of its most female users from every angle.


The Sony camera has built-in NFC and Wi-Fi connections, and it can record 1080p video. There are self-timer, instant share, touch slide shutter and smartphone control functions built in. Also the camera apparently can be turned from side to side in order to cover both rear-facing  and front-facing photos.

Amazing! But seriously, does it appears like a perfume bottle? It seems that Chinese beauties are really decorating their smartphones with cases that look like premium branded perfumes, so Sony finally decided to move ahead and supply to this growing customer buzz. Moreover, the handset’s price tag is absolutely nuts– $843(5,199 yuan).

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