Sony’s 185 Terabyte cassette tape might be the next big thing in Storage!!!

There were days where you had cassettes that could hold only 10 – 12 songs at the max. Then the era of iPod came in where you can store all the music you love in your pocket. That was considered as a serious achievement. Well   if that was an achievement, Sony has come up with a cassette tape that can hold the entire world’s music collection. The cassette tape that Sony recently came up with can hold up to 185 terabyte (TB) of data.

To be more specific, this cassette can store about 60 Million songs and the most one person can listen in his life is 17 million, considering that the listener keeps the music on for 100 years; even while he/she is asleep and we assume the running time of a song as 3 minutes.

Sony claims that this tape has recording capacity of 74 times of the current tapes. It achieved this milestone which didn’t look a reality before, by controlling the magnetic particles used to record ‘1’ and ‘0’. The process used to achieve this is known as “sputter deposition” which actually limits the magnetic particles from growing and also maintain their magnetic properties to be more systematic.

This is results in a recording medium that has magnetic particles not exceeding 7.7 nano meters in diameter and the tape can handle all the tweets released so far on twitter. So this tape is best suited for Big Data applications.

With this breakthrough in Storage, Sony has made its grip solid for another few years in Storage. And the huge Big Data applications got a good option for storage.