Everyone must dislike when your microSD card starts sounds when your smartphone is reading a file. However, do you ever notice that your microSD card sounds or not? Even, do you know that microSD memory card create noise when you put this into your smartphone? If not, then, ask Sony because they have planned to release a new microSD 64GB memory card that is audiophile-friendly.

Dubbed SR-64HXA is the model number of the new upcoming 64GB microSD memory card that will emit more electrical noise while reading files. Sony has used golden slap on the chipset “for Premium Sound” and tag a price of $155.

Sony will also showcase a Walkman cost $1200 at CES 2015 with the quieter microSD memory card. However, this seems very dumb because hardly any user would like to buy a memory card paying $150 just because of noise free work.

Sony does not know about the product demand and the price is reasonable for the market or not. However, the employees are not convinced with the performance and price tag of the upcoming golden slapped chip memory card. However, this will go hard-to-hard on March 5 and will first available in Japan.