With the wearable market on an upswing, the Japanese tech major Sony has announced its latest gadget – a transparent lens eyewear, the SmartEyeglass. These smart glasses will provide a tough competition to Google Glass which is already in the market.

However, unlike Google Glass, Sony’s SmartEyeglass uses a different technology and offers a transparent display that does not obstruct the wearer’s vision. Information such as images, texts and symbols are superimposed on the glass and the user can see it directly on the glass in front of him. For this, SmartEyeglass uses several sensors such as CMOS image sensor, Gyroscope, accelerometer, brightness sensor, electronic compass and microphone. The device uses information from these sensors and the GPS location from the connected smartphone to provide relevant information to the user.

Sony SmartEyeglass-1

Using its hologram optics technology, Sony has developed a lens having an 85% transparency and a thickness of only 3 mm.  No half mirrors that can block the user’s vision have been used . Its monochrome display uses less energy compared to color display and gives a high luminance of up to 1000 cd/m2 enabling the user to read the text easily in any kind of environment. Other features of the SmartEyeglass include a 3MP camera for taking still pictures, VGA 640 x 480px for videos, speaker in the controller as well as Bluetooth v3.0 and Wi-Fi connectivity to the smartphone.

Sony SmartEyeglass-2

SmartEyeglass can be wirelessly connected to a smartphone running minimum Android 4.1 version. For the camera, you need Android 4.3 or a later version. Users wearing the device can view information on the glass without taking their eyes off whatever they are doing. They can get information about a person they are looking at, a recipe while cooking, know the way while walking etc.

Sony is planning to release many applications, products and services that will be useful to users in their day-to-day activities. Sony has also released the SmartEyeglass Software Development Kit (Developer Preview) for developers to their ideas and develop apps.

The company has provided some examples of applications that could be developed with the SmartEyeglass SDK. A few of them are given below:

Sony SmartEyeglass-Example1 Sony SmartEyeglass-Example2 Sony SmartEyeglass-Example3

And here is the promo video: