Sony recently unveiled its brand new duo of 35mm full-frame mirrorless interchangeable-lens cameras at Photo Plus Expo in New York. Now reports are coming in that around Photokina, world’s biggest photography fair scheduled this year in Cologne, Germany; Sony will introduce ultra compact full frame mirrorless E-mount cameras.

With the arrival of the Sony A7 and A7R, the world of digital 35mm full-frame cameras was stirred up pretty considerably. For the first time, there was a sub-$2000 option for a full-frame camera that could not only sport all kinds of DSLR lenses, but Leica M-mount lenses and loads of legacy glass as well. Now it seems that Sony is gearing up for its next big hit – the first sub-$1000 full-frame digital camera.


Sony Alpha Rumors has received word from ‘multiple trusted sources’ that the camera will look like the Sony NEX-5-series models. The new FE mount compact camera will not feature a built-in electronic viewfinder, like the A7-series cameras. What is certain is that the new full-frame Alphas will feature a more advanced hybrid autofocus system similar to that in the new A6000.

The Sony Full Frame E-mount camera price is rumored to be around $1,000. This would make it the cheapest full-frame shooter and certainly the smallest one changing APS-C mirrorless sales in the market.

Our guess; the Sony E-mount full frame cameras might feature the Advanced Hybrid AF system found in the Sony A6000.