The issue that most of the smartphones users have nowadays is the running out of battery life when they least expect it. There are many ways to solve this issue, the smartphones users can either buy an external battery or sets the devices to be running on saving battery mode.  Alternatively, you can purchase SONICable USB cable. In this entry, we are going to show you more on what it is and what does it offer.

SONICable is a product by Indiegogo which claims that it can charge your iPhone 6 or Android handset twice as fast as the normal USB cable. The cable comes with either a Lightning or a microUSB connector and a special switch in which when it is switch off, it is like a normal USB cable where it can charge and sync. However, when it is switch on, then all the power is focused on charging while the data or sync is disabled. Unfortunately, currently, it only comes with 2 color, whereas in the future, more new colors options will be added.

SONICable costs $27 on Indiegogo and most probably due to ship in March 2015. The product is initially planned to get funding of $10,000 and the good news is that it has been surpassed. The campaign has already topped $36,000 in pledges and the campaign ended on February 23.

This-awesome-cable-will-charge-your-iPhone-or-Android-two-times-faster SONICable-fast-charging-cable-for-iPhone-and-Android1-SONICable-fast-charging-cable-for-iPhone-and-Android (3)