Canadian artist Jon Rafman likes to explore the boundaries between the real and the virtual world. He is well known for his collection and exhibition of some amazing images captured from Google Street View.

His photo project titled The Nine Eyes of Google Street View contains bizarre and stunning scenes captured by the nine camera lenses of Google as they rove and capture millions of images across the world.

Jon says, “My work explores the paradoxes of modernity. In 2008, a year after Google sent out an army of hybrid vehicles bearing nine cameras on a single pole to photograph the world, I began an exploration of this new virtual world, and was fascinated by how powerfully Street View photographs can represent our contemporary experience, the conflict they can express between an indifferent robotic camera and man’s search for connectedness and significance.

About the images he says,” I think the first second I used it I recognized its artistic potential.—– and the fact that they’re all captured by this robotic camera that’s just programmed to take pictures. But you see some of the images, and they’re incredibly poetic, sublime or violent and scary.

His 9eyes project has been published as a book that contains numerous images found through Google Street View. He has also created a Tumblr account 9eyes where he posts some great images he finds on Google Street View. He just wanders around the virtual streets where his fancy takes him and clicks a scene he finds interesting or bizarre.

Jon Rafman-9eyes-book

Some of these stunning images are given below:

jon-rafman-google-street-view-2 jon-rafman-google-street-view-3 jon-rafman-google-street-view-4 jon-rafman-google-street-view-5 jon-rafman-google-street-view-6 jon-rafman-google-street-view-7 jon-rafman-google-street-view-8 jon-rafman-google-street-view-9 jon-rafman-google-street-view-10 jon-rafman-google-street-view-11 jon-rafman-google-street-view-12 jon-rafman-google-street-view-13 jon-rafman-google-street-view-14 jon-rafman-google-street-view-15