There is no doubt to its that the messaging app WhatsApp is one of the most widely used apps on any platform may it be iOS or Android. Spending almost nothing on its marketing, the app has still managed to set up a huge customer base of its own. The app is available in 32 different languages over different platforms of BlackBerry, Android, iOS and Windows Phone. The app witnesses and exchange of nearly 30 billion messages on daily basis. The app shares a huge customer pool of huge 800 million users as on date and the great thing is that the company has just 55 employees registered under it.

We have come to some very interesting facts about the messaging app which you surely would like to know about. Every day the app that adds to nearly a million of users is the fastest growing messaging app. Take a look at the images below to know some facts about WhatsApp.

WhatsApp-infographicWhatsApp-infographic 1 WhatsApp-infographic 2 WhatsApp-infographic 3 WhatsApp-infographic 4 WhatsApp-infographic 5 WhatsApp-infographic 6 WhatsApp-infographic 7 WhatsApp-infographic 8 WhatsApp-infographic 9 WhatsApp-infographic 10