Softcard is a mobile payment service owned jointly by Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T. Recently Google has purchased the technology behind this mobile payment service, however, just to be clear, Google does not purchase the company. This way is seen as Google’s way to compete with ApplePay which is provided by Apple. This process comes with a few changes. One thing that remains the same for now is that the app for Android will continue to work, therefore, users can continue to tap and pay at over 275,000 locations in the states.

It is recommended that Softcard users to download Google Wallet. Sadly, Google is planning to shut down the Softcard app and terminate Softcard wallets. However, the challenge is that Softcard users cannot easily switch to Google Wallet as personal information is not part of the transaction between Softcard and Google. Therefore,  after Softcard user has terminated the wallet service provided by Softward, the loyalty cards cannot be used.

On top of that Google announced that the tech company is also shutting down the Softcard Windows Phone app. There is no confirmation date on when the app will be closed.  Moreover, Google is expected to launch Android Pay at Google I/O. Android Pay is an API for developers who want to add a mobile payments option to their apps. Android Pay will be separated from Google Wallet.