Not many people know Palmer Luckey. He is the person who created his first virtual reality headset and eventually makes a company out of it. He is only 22 years old. Last year, Facebook bought his company for $2 Billion, making his wealth swollen to more than $500 million, according to Forbes estimation.

Let us take a look how his life has changed after the bought over.

Luckey currently lives in Silicon Valley town. Some of the known figure who is also lives in the area such as Google chairman, Eric Schmidt and HP CEO Meg Whitman. Apparently, he spends a lot of time in executive-level suite in Facebook Headquarter in Menlo Park.


Luckey is a laid-back person. He is known for his casual look. On a typical day, he wears a Hawaiian shirt and sandals. If possible he prefers to be barefoot. In an interview with Telegraph, “We invented shoes to protect our feet from the harsh environment, but I live in modern-day California. It’s pretty safe here. Nothing’s going to happen if I take them off”.

After the Facebook deal, he bought a $120,000 Tesla Model S. He also drives 1986 GMC van which comes with a red shag carpet inside.


He spent the last year traveling, recruiting engineers and demoing in Rift. He also traveled to Cologne, Germany where the Gamescom exhibition took place. In October, his work in virtual reality has been honored by Smithsonian with an American Ingenuity Award.

Overall, Palmer Luckey tends to shy away from the media as he figured that it was not really about him but it was about something bigger than any of us.