Popular photo messaging service Snapchat is no longer just a service to send quirky selfies.It has added two new features like sending text messages and FaceTime-like video calling to its catalog,in a Snapchat persona.

The service is known for being able to send photos and videos across that automatically disappear after a short time.To chat with a friend you simply swipe right on their name in your inbox and a chat window is pulled up. Messages are kept ephemeral, however, since they are deleted when the chat screen is closed.

But there is a new button as well at the bottom of the screen. Whenever it turns blue, it means that he/she is currently in the chat screen, reading your messages. If you hit the button, you will start a call. If the other person hits the button too, you will see both ends of the calls at the same time.

In order to keep the video call active , users need to maintain their finger on the screen when they see a snap . If they want to switch from their front-facing camera to the back camera, they need to drag their thumb to the upper half of the screen.

When users are done with their call and chat, they can go back to their inbox. Meanwhile history will be erased, staying true to the ephemeral nature of Snapchat. Users can however tap on individual messages or take a screenshot to save them for later.

This is by far th emost creative and simplest interface design seen for video calling and will actually make more people use the feature due to its simplicity.