Smartphones are bound to do many a great thing for us. Have you even once wondered how? To create a world starting from our homes, where we can have control over our properties with just one click, Samsung is taking a big step towards home automation by owning SmartThings. SmartThings, though, we can say, still new is growing and entering homes at a fast pace. It has been known since 2012 to develop a hardware hub, which allows syncing infinite number of gadgets into one place? Do you see now how big this venture is for the two companies and for us? If this undertaking became successful, which most likely will be, we can have the power over our appliances through our smartphones. Thus, providing us a more convenient and secured life.

It was made clear, however, that although Samsung has already acquired SmartThings at a said price of $200 million, it will remain an independent company. “SmartThings will remain SmartThings.”-Alex Hawkinson, CEO, SmartThings It would only relocate from Washington D.C to Samsung’s Open Innovation Center founded in Palo Alto, CA, but it would remain its connections and transactions with its developer community and business partners.

Although some suspect it, Samsung is not confirming that this scheme is a way to keep pace with its major rival, Apple. The latter is expected to launch HomeKit this year. On related news, Google is also up for the home automation competition as it also has plans of acquiring Nest for several billion dollars.

Are you ready to turn your house into a smart home?