It is expected that Motorola and LG will soon join Sony, Pebble and Samsung in manufacturing Smartwatches.

With Smartphones Sale Declining, Smartwatches Are The Next Thing In

As the demand for Smartphones in the market is slacking and the reason is everyone already owns a Smartphone, hardware manufacturing companies are setting their sights on other devices they can sell us. Smartwatch is one of such devices. If they succeed on deriving our attention towards it, they can make lots of money if we each bought one.

It is expected that LG will also get involved in the competition of manufacturing wearable devices with Samsung, Pebble, Sony and other smaller companies like Cuckoo, I’m Watch and Meta. Motorola is expected to launch Moto 360’s Smartwatch this summer.

While Google’s Android software runs on the most Smartphones sold outside of China, it is yet to be decided which company will dominate the rising Smartwatch business. According to Strategy Analytics, around 1.1 million Smartwatches were shipped in the year 2013 while Pebbles sale was near 190,000. Meanwhile Samsung’s Gear 2 released in April this year, along with Galaxy S5 is also on the rise. Also, Google will introduce the Android Wear operating system software for Moto 360 and LG’s G-Watch which will further increase the competition.

Smartwatches are designed to keep us updated without staring at our phones all the time. They use low-power Bluetooth connection to connect with the phone wirelessly and display notifications that phone receives like social media updates, emails without taking it out of our pockets or bags. It also can be used to enjoy certain features of the phone such as changing volume, answering calls, etc. With the comfort it is providing us, it is much expected to become one of the major gadgets in the future like Smartphones are today.