Tegra K1

Smartphones Might have NVIDIA Tegra K1 Soon

The NVIDIA Tegra K1 is a high caliber processor of a chip, but the idea of applying it to smartphones was perceived as unfeasible. At present this powerful processor is allotted for tablets, but most probably it can hop into smartphones in the near future.


In a recent announcement, Jen-Hsun acquainted that the company’s priority would be to  emphasize on powering up the tablets instead of striving for the smartphone market. Though, Tegra K1 and Tegra K1 Denver chips might be used for some specific smartphones.

Biggest issue to ingrain these powerful tech into smartphone is the cost. If these mobile devices are subjected to use these processors, it has to inculcate Icera 500 modem for LTE with 3G connectivity which ultimately implies a higher cost of production and hence spending more money. All these incur a low profit to the manufacturers. Upscaled mobile can definitely use K1.  NVIDIA is focusing more on tablets but it is also trying its hand on some next phone where you might find their chips inserted.

Who will mind getting a revved up processor, which equalizes you PC gaming system and high end graphics in the mobile device itself. This certainly means you can encounter more enticing experiences.

Tegra K1 has the same structure as NVDIA Kepler architecture that operates the fastest supercomputers in the United States. Capable of providing leading computer applications, it is a tempting device for game developers as well. Renovating and redefining the tech world crossing your horizon of imagination, this processor brings the whole PC world into a compact and powerful mobile device.

Now its your choice to opt for the Tegra K1 integrated mobile device or to go for the tablet.The array of functions it can deliver with a matched costing is worth giving a try.