Apparently it is possible. A group of scientists from Nanyang Technological University of Singapore has figured out a way to supercharge the battery made from lithium-ion simply by adding a readily available substance that is normally found in sunscreen.

It is supposedly to be able to charge a smartphone from completely dead to 70 percent charged in two minutes. Moreover, the scientists say that it can last nearly 20 years before it can be replaced.

According to the scientists, the graphite that is normally used in the battery’s anode (negative pole) is replaced with a gel made from titanium dioxide which is an ingredient found in sunscreen. The substance will then stretch into nanotubes 1000 times thinner than human hair hence it speeds up the chemical reaction in the battery.


A typical lithium ion battery only last around 500 recharging cycles. However, with the new gel, the new battery can be recharged for 10,000 times. If the battery is as powerful as it is then it might solve the battery life issue that is faced for most of the smartphones nowadays. The scientists not only hope that it can improve the battery life for the smartphones, but it will also revolutionize the electric car industry which also relies on the lithium-ion batteries to charge cars.

The researchers claim that the gel is easy and cheap to manufactured and have patented the technology applied for a grant to build a large-scale battery prototype for electric car tests. If nothing goes wrong, the battery could reach the market within two years.