iSketchNote (also known as ISKN) is now taking pre-orders for its first product. This new startup is gaining more and more attention for its smart slate. Its an innovative new take on digitizing the process of sketching on paper. It is completely different from competing technologies and products such as live scribe or the more traditional graphics tablet. Best of all it is affordable so it should allow more people to jump into this consumer market.

This isn’t the first time that the French company has revealed their product to the world. They actually did a successful Kickstarter campaign and raised close to $350,000 for this project in the past.

iSketchNote Digitizes Your Sketches As You Draw On Paper - 1 - DoiToshin

The device itself is just a slate with a light rubberized surface. You can put your sheet of paper on this surface and start making your sketches. Its small enough to take with you in a bag and you can also buy a iPad folio case for it if you want.

The cool thing is that the pen that they give you is just a simple ballpoint pen with a ring on it. That ring is actually a cheap magnet. The slate tracks the magnet in real time and digitizes the image by processing the data it collects from the movements of the pen.

This slate has many uses. It can be used to draw sketches with your favorite pens and have it appear on the computer screen for post-processing. This works really well for artists who usually practice using pen and paper. You can pick what color or pen tip to use from the software.

They are also releasing an API to allow for iSketchNote support in desktop or tablet apps.