The Translator functionality in the very famous voice-calling app Skype has now become a reality. This is currently available as a preview on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

For the moment, the currently Translator feature works between Spanish and English languages. This means that two people sitting at either ends and talking in these two languages can hear each other on the line. The good thing is that Skype does an on-the-fly translation of your voice calls, of course a slight delay persists but that is very small enough to be ignored. Moreover, the translation is written and spoken in the Skype chat at the same time. This new feature from Skype is marketed as great fit for schools and other educational institutions and is currently being tested in schools of Mexico and US. Check out the promo video below.

However, for users who are interested only in translation of text-based IM chats, the Skype support is available for over 40 languages. If you are willing to test this Skype Translator Preview, you need to navigate to this special website. Check out the following video that guides you to the use of this new features and flaunts is easiness. Microsoft Research team and Skype has worked for over to years to bring this feature in action and we expect it to get expanded over multitude of other languages soon and also be made available worldwide.