Skunk Works is developing a compact fusion reactor which is of size of a jet engine but it claims that it can power up aero planes, spaceships and cities. The company claims that the reactor will be functional in 10 years.  The current reactor, the tokamak design, can only hold a limited number of plasma whereas the Skunk Works design is a tube-like design, therefore, it can hold more plasma than the current design.

Below is the tokamak design:


Below is the Skunk Works design:


Therefore, the new architecture will be 10 times smaller in size but will generate the same power output like the ITER. It is expected to generate 500MW in 2020s which is suitable for the use of fusion in all kind of applications instead of just to use in giant, expensive power plants.

Skunk Works is one of the experimental technologies of Lockheed Martin. Lockheed Martin is one of the world’s largest aerospace and military companies.  Within five years, it is expected that the developed model is ready to go for full scale production which is capable for generating 100MW which is enough to power up a large cargo ship or 80,000 home city. This invention hopefully can be one step forward towards a cleaner and unlimited energy.