Apple’s Siri started the trend for voice-activated personal assistant and now has two major competitors – Microsoft’s Cortana for Windows Phone and Google Now for Android. There are many reviews comparing the three services trying to judge which among them is the best.

Venturebeat tested Siri, Cortana and Google Now for 5 languages to check which multilingual voice-activated personal assistant is the best. Their team asked 18 questions to each of the three assistants in 5 languages – English, Italian, Mandarin, French and German. A quick and correct response was awarded the score of 1.0, answers that were not straightforward but the correct answer appeared somewhere in the clutter of a list of search results got a score of 0.5. Responses that didn’t understand the question or gave irrelevant answers or admitted that they couldn’t complete the job were given 0.0.

In case of English, all the three voice-enabled assistants were highly accurate with only a little difference in their scores. Siri topped with 15.5 out of 18, Cortana got 12.5 while Google Now scored 11.5. For Italian, Siri was undoubtedly the leader scoring the same as in English – 14.5 out of 18. Results for others were quite unimpressive with 8.5/18 for Google Now and 6/18 for Cortana.

The results for French and German were quite similar to those of Italian, although Siri dropped marginally while Cortana and Google Now fared slightly better. The last language tested was Mandarin. In this Siri again topped with 13.5/18, Cortana scored only 5/18 while Google Now got a meager 1.5/18.

Google Now offers more than 50 languages and dialects, a lot many compared to Siri and Cortana but most languages seem to be set up only for voice search and not as a full fledged voice assistant. Cortana was found to respond to a query most likely with a web search.

All in all, Siri won the contest hands down, scoring 76% for accuracy in all languages followed by Google Now with 46% and Cortana with 42%.

Check out the infographic below:

Siri-Google-Now-and-Cortana-2 Siri-Google-Now-and-Cortana-3 Siri-Google-Now-and-Cortana-4 Siri-Google-Now-and-Cortana-5


Source VentureBeat

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