Sharp just introduced another interesting product, and no, it’s not a smartphone, tablet or a display, but a smartwatch. You read it right! Though it’s on its way to the final stone. It has been released that a 1-inch smartwatch display prototype has battery-saving that includes 8 colors and no backlight.

What are the advantages we can get on this change?  It simply means that any light that afterwards hits a watch can be used to expose to a radiation having an arrangement from within, while presenting the same image. It’s like ditching all the lights from the outside just to maintain the image in the inside, whether it’s day or night time.

Well the first thing that comes to your mind might be the battery life. This may not be your problem anymore. This watch can run longer! Sharp plans to implement a semiconductor memory. The semiconductor memory is also a power-saving feature by storing and reproducing on-screen images which helps to reduce power consumption. Despite those colored lights, the watch can still save its energy and might be for a long run.

This is really an interesting product. It is somehow changing the way smart device displays work!