Samsung recently hinted about 4K AMOLED display which is going to debut on Galaxy Note 5. Another tech company, Sharp, announces 5.5-inch mobile display with 2160 x 3840 pixels Ultra-HD (4K) resolution on its IGZO screens. The screens are scheduled to be mass produced in 2016. Screens with IGZO technology offer high image quality and lower power consumption with pixel density of 806ppi.

Some of consumers might feel that 2K resolution screens are good enough since they offer a good quality of image, however, with a 4K display; it will offer sharper and brighter image quality even in closer distance. Moreover, 4K display will make VR (Virtual Reality) headset experience more real as the high pixel density will remove the screen-door effect and therefore, it will offer better immersion.  Overall, it seems like the gaming industry will be most benefited from this kind of screen resolution.

The competition of making higher density screen becomes fiercer with LG is apparently is making an 8K 27-inch screen display for Apple. Therefore, putting this technology into a phablet screen size is just a matter of time.

Another main concern with these higher resolution screens is that whether the battery is able to support it. As higher resolution means that it will need more battery power and on top of that the battery should be thin enough to fit into the smartphone size.

Sharp-IGZO-4K-smartphone-display (2) Sharp-IGZO-4K-smartphone-display (1)