Microsoft OneDrive Version 2.5 for Android

Microsoft OneDrive Version 2.5 for Android

Microsoft has release a new version of OneDrive for Android users. Version 2.5 is an “update to” version; that is the existing OneDrive Android users can just upgrade their app to the latest version and no clean installation required. The new version made file sharing and organizing much easier than ever before.

For those who don’t know, OneDrive is a cloud-storage from Microsoft. It also available on Google powered Android mobile devices. It allows mobile user to share through invite, link or send files across to some other apps. Earlier version was having some limitations. The latest version got easier and it lets you to download multiple files at the same time, individual file and folders can easily moved and sorted.

The desktop version of Microsoft OneDrive got some additions too. Additional features includes and not limited to adding item to previously shared stash, video content publishing and sharing to Facebook and album cover customization.

The latest version of the Microsoft OneDrive app for Google powered Android is now available in Google Play. The exiting users can upgrade to the latest version 2.5 to experience and enjoy the added new features. New users can download and fresh install Microsoft OneDrive to unleash the power of cloud storage with all new features. The mobile storage options have already moved more into the zone of cloud storage and the emerging features and functionalities makes it more usable and gives quick, safe and seamless access to data anytime anywhere.