Moto X+1 release date has not announced yet but some rumor news has slightly published that the Smartphone may be available on August. However, Moto 360 smartwatch is also hope to release with the Smartphone and Motorola reported that it will be release late summer. However, a new rumor has published news that Moto X+1 will be available at the last week of September.

Droid Life has published the expecting date of Moto X+1 when the release of the market. According to the source, the new Smartphone will be released on 25 September that is too early fall instead of late summer. However, Verizon will be the carrier of the new Motorola Smartphone but there is no other rumor regarding the date. For that reason, we need to wait for the next flagship of Motorola because Moto X+1 may be available before summer too!

September 25 Is Release Date of Moto X+1 p

September is the month of releasing many new Smartphones of Samsung, Apple and now Motorola is going to add another. However, Moto X did not have a good market that was released on August last year. However, the AT&T is the maker of the new Smartphone that is confident to have a good market for Moto X+1. At the sometime, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will be released during the last 2 week of the month. However, iPhone 6 will probably appear in the market in September although rumors indicating it will be available on August.