There are many sensors in Smartphone that provide you a mini weather station so that you can get the advantage from any app. Sensor Sense is such kind of Smartphone sensor that put the card based interface to connect your heart to the Android 5.0’s Material Design language. However, this type of sensor sense is not novelty because this will move, feel and look according to the elaborate vision of Google.

This new Sensor Sense provides different types of extensive sensors in the material design in the data including Motion, Location, Battery and Environment sensors. Sensor Sense in material design data is really great with different graphic icon that also provides chance to access more data.


This new sensors have already been used in the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note 3 and we are very much satisfied. However, we have some problem in the office humidity because it has increased to 50%. But, we are optimistic about the HTC One M8 and hope to get good result.

Sensor Sense is available free that you can use with the icon and, the icon is available on the bottom banner.