Just few days ago, Seagate has announced its 6TB hard drive in the market. Now, Seagate 8TB HDD is announced officially that is not using helium technology at all. In fact, the company is using an alternative method in order to ensure high capacity HDDs.

However, the method that is used in this option is in question because this will be a new technology. On the other hand, using magnetic recording technology is the main popular fact for Seagate. However, this new technology on the areal density may come our successfully but still in question.

Seagate 8TB 3.5” HDD Announcement with Alternative Method

The new 8TB Enterprise capacity 3.5” HDD will increase your storage capacity of your computer, reported by Seagate. At the same time, it will use fewer components than the previous HDD too! Although no specifications are mentioned in the interview, it can easily boast the best watts-per-gigabyte comfortably.

The new Seagate hard drives will be available in Q4 2014 in a large number on some specific country customers. However, the company has not provided any list of the specific countries where the Seagate 8TB hard drive will be available.