Last month, some screenshots for the voice calling feature of WhatsApp on Android platform had leaked. Now this feature has been included in the latest version of WhatsApp on the Google Play Store which is the 2.11.561. However, recently an Indian iPhone uers has come with the screenshots which shows up the voice calling feature of WhatsApp running on an iPhone device.

This voice calling feature for the Apple iPhone has arrived on the version of the WhatsApp application which is currently said to be under the beta stage and thus could be installed on only jailbroken iPhone handsets. The current version of the messaging application on App Store shows 2.11.16 that is without the voice calling feature. Looking to the screenshots below, you would see some small changes to the UI and a phone icon could be seen below the user’s profile picture. A tap on the dialer button would navigate you to the dialer which is similar to that on the iPhone. There is a “recent” button on the page which shows the call history registered with the app.

WhatsApps-Voice-Calling-feature-is-coming-soon-to-iOS (1)

However, there is no word when would this official rolling of the voice-calling-feature for iPhone users would take place but looking to its availability on the Android platform we assume it to be coming soon to the iOS platform as well. An Italian iPhone site has tested this feature which you can see in the video below.

source: iPhoneItalia, BGR