Smartphone industry has grown a lot these past few years. The latest smartphone worth to be checked out is Saygus V2 from a small company from Salt Lake City Utah.  Chris Baker, a VP for Saygus, mentioned that the purpose of the company developing the device is to build a phone with all the features that the consumers want in a single package. It is not so much on going head-to-head with the big technology companies like Apple and Samsung.

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The device has apparently the industry-first wireless HD connection for beaming games and movies to big screen along with built-in Harmon Kardon 3D sound and 64GB of storage which can be expandable up to 320GB via dual MicroSD slots. A biometric fingerprint scanner is embedded at the side of the phone so that you can conveniently slide your finger over as well as a hardware camera shutter button and a rated IPX7 waterproof.

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The device also featured a 21-MP rear camera alongside a dual LED flash and a 13MP selfie cam on front, both with optical stabilization and auto focus.  Moreover, the smartphone has a 5-inch display screen size which is a full HD (1920 x 1080) with a borderless edge-to-edge Gorilla Glass 4 screen.  Saygus claims that the screen is viewable on a direct sunlight.

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The case of the smartphone is made of lightweight magnesium and fiberglass material and thus the device is weighing at 141 gram. On top of that the Kevlar frame will help to protect the device from any scratches or big impact on the phone when it is dropped. On the back panel is a funky metallic fractal design which is actually an exclusively designed antenna that will boost GSM, CDMA and LTE reception by an extra bar.

The device has a removable battery of 3100 mAh. It supports Qi wireless charging and works with an exclusive power saving chips which will boost the battery life by 50 percent.  The device will run on 2.5 GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 CPU and a 3GB RAM. On top of that, it is running on Andoid KitKat.

The V2 naming is because when developing the V1, they encountered some problems keeping up with mobile technology and by the time it was successfully assembled, the specs become outdated and thus the V2, it is that simple.

Saygus plans to offer V2 through carriers, online and retail outlets with the pricing hopefully not more than US$100. Pre-orders start this month.