Savee is an improved energy management system for Android which will help you to save battery on your device. The app has a simplified user interface with many setting to manage Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, sleep mode or night mode, and account synchronization. You also can set the setting to suit you better. The developer has tried to keep the app as intelligent as possible. For example, the app is able to move the smart phone to standby mode when it was slipped in your pocket or will keep Wi-Fi off if the screen is not lit or during a call.

Moreover,  Savee also provides real-time analytics of your battery consumption and charging time to adjust the power consumption. It can warn you of battery hogs and also optimize your background services to save the battery life. The power management is done automatically to help you to save energy according to your needs. The apps also allow you to save memory space to speed up your phone to make it more fluid in its tasks.

Unfortunately, Savee is not free. It is available to download here for Android with a pricing of $1.67.