Tesla is building a gigafactory which will be located in the middle of Nevada desert. The construction has started since last July. As Elon Musk mentioned in the interview with Forbes in 2013, the gigafactory will be a giant facility which is capable of producing all the lithium-ion battery production in the world in one factory. Elon Musk is the CEO of Tesla Motors.

When it has finished, it will be measured at a total of 5 million square feet which is comparable to the size of a football field and Boeing 747 combined together. With this kind of size, it is not surprising that the gigafactory will be worth about $5 billion.

With this gigafactory, Tesla is planning to manufacture its lithium-ion battery from renewable energy from a variety of sources like solar panels, wind turbines and hydroelectric plants which aims to power about 500,000 electric cars by the year of 2020. Electric cars are another project by Tesla Motors.

Based on satellite image provided by Mashable by CartoDB in February, it is hinted that the site will be blocked off by a security gate and the roof is covered by solar panels. This is consistent with Tesla’s preliminary mockups image which is released beforehand.

The visualization is made possible due to collaboration of map-editing software CartoDB and satellite imager DigitalGlobe.