Nowadays, cameras have been advanced to internal 4K recording which increased the storage demand of these devices. Memory card with the capacity to hold all the data is the need of time as photographers now carry multiple cards to capture all the data. Scandisk has provided the solution and announced a card that would made life of the videographers much easier.

Scandisk made the world’s largest memory card ever; it has the capacity to hold the data of 512 GB. This SD card has the memory of half a terabyte and two of these cards provide full terabyte storage capacity. This card has been made to improve 4K recording.

The write speed of 512GB Extreme PRO UHS-I SDXC card is 90MB/s with the read speed of around 95MB/s. These numbers are good for high bit rate 4K recording. The 4K format needs larger storage capacity; the single minute of 4K shooting can take the storage of up to 5 GB, as it is four times powerful than the HD resolution. SD cards are the most used flash storage format for camcorders, digital cameras and smartphones. Depending on compression, resolution and type of camera, a card having 512 GB has the power to hold the HD video of about 30 hours.

The card has been made shock proof, x-ray proof, water proof and temperature proof. It comes with RescuePRO Deluxe data recovery software along with the life time warranty. The price tag on this SD card is $799.99 as fast and huge storage capacity doesn’t come cheap.